the date is set: Sunday, May 15, 2011

race: Toronto Goodlife Fitness Half-Marathon

goal: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Favour is Needed

Miracles are finally happening over here! Well, maybe not miracles per se, but there have been definite improvements over the last week.

I’ve started interval training, or “Fartlek” runs as they are sometimes called. Basically, the body of the run alternates between three minutes of my personal “easy” speed, followed by three minutes at a “difficult” speed. Not only does this help to improve on overall fitness and speed, it also makes the time fly by if you are stuck on the treadmill.

This last point, about passing time while on that monotonous tread, made me start to wonder: What is it that helps me make it through a run? And how do other runners plow through runs and find the determination to go faster, longer, and harder?

The answer, for me, is music. (Although I have to say that Saturday afternoon’s run in the rain with my boyfriend down Yonge Street was an exception. My determination to run faster and get home stemmed only from the fact that the rain pellets were cold, streaming down my forehead, and I was drenched. Yuck!) But, for majority of my running adventures in fair-weather, music provides me with the encouragement and energy to keep going...

Hmm..I wonder what he is listening to?
Energetic dance music is great for the initial warm-up.  Anything house or techno always helps for making it up a hill or gradual climb. Catchy pop songs are a good distraction for mid-run (I should note that knowing all of the words are essential).  I put on the slower, but loud and powerful, rock songs to push through the tough parts. And finally, there’s always those club mixes that I sometimes hit repeat, repeat, repeat on because, well, they are just fun.

Music, most definitely, is a motivator in running --at least for this one here!  And so, today, I’m asking for a favour from you, blog readers: What are some songs that you love to work out or run to? Any tune that you’ve listened to while sweating it out, please drop me a line and let me know.

I greatly appreciate your help with this important music-motivation factor!

As always, Happy Running!


  1. Britt I am in awe of you for taking on a challenge such as this. Last year I started jogging and turned into running, and music is a big motivator. Now I dance around my apartment to get the juices flowing. I can't wait to hear about your big day's finish and the goals you're going to achieve.

  2. Britt, try sandstorm I think its a great running song, because you can run to the beat.

  3. I agree with Ryan! Darude's "Sandstorm" is a great gym song. I also love anything by Prodigy and Basement Jaxx's "Where's your head at." These songss are upbeat and keep you moving.

  4. Britt, your motivation is definitely an inspiration to get in shape. While I am not a runner, I agree music will make you keep moving. I love listening to music when I work out. I find it makes my workouts longer.

  5. I too am in awe of you taking on such a challenge. I've recently decided to do a mini-triathlon with my mom and stepsisters but I sometimes can't find the motivation. Music works really well, and I find I like to pick longer songs to motivate me to keep a faster pace until it's over.

  6. Britt, I love your blog. My sister and I are planning to run a half marathon next spring and your insight is very helpfull into the training that it takes to be prepared for such a challenge.

  7. Thanks so much for your comments! It's so great to hear that upcoming triathalons and marathons are on the agenda for a lot of people!!

    And for the great music advice...I've already downloaded your Sandstorm suggestion, and Katie, the Prodigy & Basement Jaxx was an awesome suggestion too...thanks!!

  8. Hey Britt,

    I would recommend anything Cascada, the older stuff, I find the beat really helps me when i'm running.
    It really depends on the type of person you are I think any song can motivate you especially if it reminds you of a really happy or fun time you've had. Its amazing how much music can effect your mood.

  9. I definitely admire your determination to run through rain yet alone half a marathon. Someday, I hope soon, I would love to start running, well probably jogging first, and your experience is a great learning tool.

  10. As a huge country music fan, I obviously listen to that while running; but the fun, obnoxious, "honky tonk" songs that make you shake your head. It makes me laugh.

    Another song I listen to is, ironically, called "I'm Running" by Sam Roberts and Mistress Barbara. It has a really great energy and beat.

    Great blog!

  11. I can't work out without music! Its interesting to see how much training you are doing for this marathon! best of luck and thanks for teaching me a few things