the date is set: Sunday, May 15, 2011

race: Toronto Goodlife Fitness Half-Marathon

goal: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Saturday, May 14, 2011

18 hours and counting...

I tweeted this morning that my favourite thing about marathon weekend is the fact that I can indulge in carbs all day and NOT feel guilty. This fact alone – guiltless carbs! hello pasta dinner! – has already perked up this rainy race weekend. But, I can’t lie, I’m worried about tomorrow morning’s 21.5 kilometers.

Meet reasons A & B:

a)    I’m the most fair-weather runner you’ve ever met! I enjoy my runs when the sun is shining, the temperature allows me to wear a Lulu tank and shorts, yet not be TOO warm, and there is a light breeze to break it up. Yes, I know, this happens maybe once or twice a year…but still, I’m not an all-seasons dynamo. And the forecast for tomorrow? RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! I will be praying to Mr. Weatherman tonight for a miracle.
b)   I probably should have been more focused on training. Starting a new job, moving,  a break-up, adjusting to working full-time…all of these major changes in my life have, understandably, consumed majority of my focus. Training has definitely become a second priority.

In saying all of this, despite my nerves for tomorrow morning, I must also say that I’m excited. Partly to just get the thing over with and move on to new fitness routines, but moreover because of the high at the finish. The accomplishment. The appreciation for my body and health. The feeling of crossing the finish line and feeling awesome, even though exhausted, for the rest of the day.

At the Runner’s Expo on Friday evening when I picked my race kit up with a friend, the conversation went like this…
“You know, $90 to run a half-marathon is pretty pricey!”
“AND, our Saturday night is ruined because of the 5:00 a.m. wake up call!”
“WHY do we do this to ourselves?”

And I think, the answer, quite simply is a love for running. The energy at the starting line, the adrenaline that kicks in at 2k, the excitement of finishing…and the ultimate completion of a goal. It's success of the body and mind!

The countdown is on….18 hours away from the start. 20 hours, and a bit, away from that finish line! 

Fingers crossed for a HAPPY run!


  1. Oh Britt...I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow. I wish you rested legs, fast feet and one hell of a kick at the finish. Keep that finish in mind and what a great feeling it is to accomplish such a great goal. Good luck babe!

  2. I know you have finished your race all ready, so I just wanted to say congratulations! All that hard work paid off and I know although you may be feeling sore, the feeling of accomplishment must make it all worth it :)

  3. Awh - thank you BOTH for your lovely comments! I will be posting a full race-recap tomorrow. But yes, it is definitely a wonderful feeling to be finished! Rain was not exactly pleasant, but the finish line was met with success! Thanks again for your support ladies! :) xo

  4. I hope you had a wonderful run today, Britt! Like I said in my tweet, you are definitely my inspiration and motivation to start running and STICK TO IT! Maybe a post about a good running/exercise schedule would be very helpful :)
    All the best in your future running endeavours!